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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Alamo Chapter

Alamo Chapter of the VHPA 2020 Board Members


Mike G. Law

E-mail: mglaw@earthlink.net

Ph.       830-730-0950

Vice President

Ray M. Vaske

E-mail: rayvaske@aol.com

Ph.       830-302-7505  /  936-777-3083

Past President

Mike B. Clark

E-mail: clarkmb2@gmail.com

Ph.       602-510-9431  /  830-885-7615


Mike Patterson

E-mail: dpatterson9@satx.rr.com

Ph.       210-375-4162  /  210-527-3881


Chic R. Carter
E-mail: chiccarter@gmail.com

Ph.       210-381-6711

Senior Member at Large

Fred E. Lyssy

E-mail: flyssy@comcast.net

Ph.       303-748-5110

Mid-term Member at Large

James O. Boykin
E-mail: blackcat221972@gmail.com
Ph.       210-401-655

Junior Member at Large

Tim E. Worley

E-mail:  rew4844@live.com

Ph.       210-354-4844