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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Alamo Chapter


In February 2010, helicopter pilots living in the Greater San Antonio, TX area who flew in the Vietnam War – founded the Alamo Chapter of the VHPA (Vietnam Helicopter Pilot Association).  The Alamo Chapter is an independent organization mirroring the structure of the National VHPA, but is not under the control nor authorized to act as an agent or direct representative of the National VHPA.


The Alamo Chapter is organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit veterans’ group with no political agenda.  Our Chapter currently does not own any real estate or corporate properties, therefore we have no tax liability.  Our social activities are mostly pay as you go, however, our Treasury is able to supplement some of our special events through the collection of Annual Dues and Life Memberships.


Chapter membership is open to helicopter pilots from any branch of the services who flew a helicopter in the Southeast Asia Theater of Operations during the period 1961 – 1975.  The primary goal of the Alamo Chapter is to seek out all former rotary wing aviators living in our area - who served during the Vietnam War Era - and welcome all eligible individuals to become members.  We are here to rekindle and foster the spirit of duty, honor, country, sacrifice, and esprit de corps that was so much a part of the Vietnam helicopter air crew’s experience.


Our members and potential members stay informed and in contact via e-mail, phone, and address information maintained on our Alamo Chapter Roster.  All upcoming events and Chapter activities will be posted on our new www.vhpa-alamo.com web site.  Socially - we plan monthly luncheons for those who want to participate, while our better-halves also enjoy their monthly luncheons.  Two times a year we plan combined luncheons in lieu of the separate monthly luncheons.  General Membership business / dinners take place at the Barn Door Restaurant 2 - 3 times a year.  We do on occasions plan trips requiring an overnight stay due to the distance and scheduled events.  The social highlight of the year is our Annual Christmas Party normally planned for early December.


VHPA National https://www.vhpa.org has a world-wide Roster that is readily accessible for its membership, and sponsors Annual Reunions in different major cities all across the United States.  Everyone is encouraged to join the National VHPA, but this is not a requirement if you would like to become an Alamo Chapter member.  An application Form can be found on our new www.vhpa-alamo.com web site.